Imago Theatre, U.S.A.


The show is a combination of mime, dance and acrobatics, designed for children of age 3 and older. Frogz has been performed on Braodway and is considered the show that has put Imago Theatre on the international map.


Tell Tale Hearts, U.K.

Yummm! is a celebration of food seen through children’s eyes using dance, live music, quirky design and some amusing eating utensils. A highly imaginative production where tables can dance; plates spin; and the audience have a chance to join in with the dinnertime rituals!


Skappa & Associés, France

A painter that is shy yet shameless paints a self portrait before the audience. Uccellini illustrates art as a vital force and as a lifestyle; For the painter, art is an opportunity to seek and make visible what unites us.For children of age 9 months and older


De Stitle Company, Netherlands

Are the three female performers playing or dancing? That is what you’re constantly asking yourself while watching MADCAP.

A dance performance that explores relationships; friendships in specific: Two girls play in perfect sisterly harmony. Until a third girl passes by and wants to join in. That is when things go wrong: a pecking order has to be established, friendships take shape and fall apart again, the game gets new impulses.For children of age 3 and older.


AFCA for Arts & Culture & Consol Theatre in Gelsenkirchen,

 A performance that explores the gender differences in Egypt and Germany and presents them in fun and entertaining multi disciplinary performance for children of age 2 and above.


Sky Bet by

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