Eighteen principles expressed in 27 languages to state the right of all children to enjoy art and culture. The exhibition shows 18 paintings by Italian artists inspired by the content of the charter created by La Baracca - Testoni Ragazzi, the Italian theatre company.

The project has obtained enormous support all over Europe, and has been endorsed and sponsored by significant Italian and foreign institutions.

The President of the Italian Republic awarded a Medal to this project.

Our aim is to carry out a non-profit cultural promotion campaign, so as to further disseminate the knowledge and practice of fundamental rights, especially in these current times, when the world of culture and artistic expression finds itself in a difficult situation. And, as often happens in times of crisis, it is the weakest, youngest subjects who suffer the consequences.

This exhibition was launched during the 5th edition of Hakawy festival and was exhibited during this time in Hanaguer Arts center inside the Cairo Opera House as part of the AFCA campaign of awareness for Children’s Rights for Arts and Culture and it will be touring in different cultural venues of Cairo.