9 Hakawy 2016

11 Schedule 2016



By Rigolo
Ages 13 +

With thirteen palm leaf ribs, the Swiss artist MaedirRigolo creates an oasis of concentration and serenity, a place of equilibrium; fragile moments of joy that, barely created, are destroyed by the artist himself.

A performance for the stage, vaudeville, cabarets, museums or many other unusual places.

link : http://www.rigolo.ch/




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2 Allemagne pling little thing 01

How can stones betransformed
into playmates, building animals,
and musical instruments ? Thanks to imagination !
Enter in the game of three people discovering and creating a story in a small musical kingdom made of stones.
To finnally let children explore on theirownthislittle world.

link: http://www.ton.ahornblau.com

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6 France Enveloppes et Deballages

By forcing the secret of these packages, he is going to make appear a fabulous continent, an illusion of holidays and reserve-less atmosphere on a palm tree on an ocean background. He is delivering animated postcards, full of tenderness, poetry and humor. He is a dream-mailman.



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6 Egypte Jinan 01

In celebration of the 70th anniversary of the Swedish children’s book "PippiLongstocking", Awtar Quartet propose to play Swedish classical musque while a storyteller count Pippi’s story in arabic. This project is supported and organized by the Swedish Embassy in Cairo and Safarni.






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3 Australie Stick stones 01

Stick Stones Broken Bones presents a playful world of shadow puppetry, made from junk, appearing as cartoons, full odd-ball characters and surreal events.

The screen comes alive with flying Ninjas, sneaky chickens and hilarious brain surgery. It’s a visual feast for the imagination!

After the show, 25 participants will create their own individual shadow character and learn how to play with it.

link : http://www.bunkpuppets.com



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