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SnowEyes is a dance production that explores the world from a child’s perspective. Children under four absorb things and have an unbiased approach to the world. In the performance we share a child’s amazement and wonder at the first experience with snow.

Gazart performances take a curious look at familiar situations from everyday life. They create new angles on the trivia with which we surround ourselves but which we seldom regard as particularly significant. Tali uses her choreography to poke holes in the bubbles of the imagination, releasing it to flow freely in artful universes that contain more than we can see with the naked eye, often in a creative dialogue between dance and other means of artistic expression.



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Our Location

10 Demeshk street, Maadi Sarayat (in front of Maadi Sports Club),



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27 Mohamed Korayem Street,
El-Helmeya El-Gedida,
Cairo,  Egypt.

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Telephone: +2012246734 35