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In the middle of a blue field with clouds, there’s a … well, what is it actually? Because no one knows what it is, we call it a bed, a mountain, a flat or anything else we can think of. Like the fluttering of a butterfly, the stories emerge. A man and a woman appear. The man looks after the house, the woman looks after the man and the Sweather provides variety. 

De Stilte is a professional dance company in the Southern region of the Netherlands that focuses entirely on developing productions and performing for children. They perform hundreds of shows every year, for both the public and for schools. Education is an integral part of de Stilte’s activities. Since their foundation in 1994, they have expanded to become the most attended youth theatre producer in the Netherlands (2013).




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Our Location

10 Demeshk street, Maadi Sarayat (in front of Maadi Sports Club),



Mailing address

27 Mohamed Korayem Street,
El-Helmeya El-Gedida,
Cairo,  Egypt.

Contact Us

Telephone: +2012246734 35
Email: info@afca-arts.com