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El Leila El Kebira - Cairo Puppet Theater


El Leila El Kebira (The Grand Night) Arabic (الليلة الكبيرة) is a famous Egyptian puppet operetta, written by Salah Jahin and the music by Sayed Mekawy in the 1960s. It formed a big part of the Egyptian folklore due to its expressive and funny depiction of the moulid.

The operetta describes the celebration of the last night of the moulid through the displaying of the activities done. Through a playful colorful and musically lively manner, it centers on displaying certain scenes from the carnival and the circus including food stall vendors, jugglers, clowns, circus performers, with catchy Egyptian folk songs and rhythms. 

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Our Location

Inside Concordia Lycée International Français en Egypte (LIFE)

5th Urban District, El Banafseg Zone, Area 1
New Cairo City - Cairo,