Hakawy International Arts Festival for Children 11th Edition Lineup

When cuddling babies to sleep, you sway them around, rub their backs and kiss their forehead. Before speaking children create rhythm out of sounds, gestures, and movements. We explore the musicality of early childhood in an interactive performance where both the child and the artist create music off each other
Sharing is friendship’s main fundamental. Big gimme & little gimme explores the meaning of friendship & what does it take to be a good friend. Gimme Please! Created by Megan Alrutzand, Samantha Provenzno, Re-mount directed by Mohamed Elghawy and Samantha Provenzano
How to utilize the magic of science to solve the mysteries inside the chamber of secrets at Hogwarts School of magic? Time is not on your side. Don’t be scared, but beware!
MEK’s Mobile Library “Stories on 4 wheels” travels across borders and takes the youth along the way for a journey full of tales and games through storytelling sessions in the open air.
Children on the autism spectrum need more than special care. They need a safe space where they can unleash themselves to explore their surroundings at their own pace.
Group of friends brought together by their friendship and their love for El- Semsemya, they formed the youngest Semsemya band, they carry on the heritage of el semsemya as they dance to its rhythm.
When a thunderstorm results in a human shipwreck on an island inhabited by animals. Tension arises between the two parties & animals resort to the court to file complaints against the atrocities of humans.
In a musical night to revive upper Egypt heritage, AUEED Choir delights us with a musical night that invokes the rich history of folklore music of upper Egypt.
Join Al Nour wel Amal Orchestra for a musical experience that transcends the senses, a group of women and girls sets an extraordinary example of overcoming obstacles to reach their dreams.
AFCA Arts School traveled to El-Minya where the children got to unleash their creativity through storytelling & theater workshops. In a performance by the children and for the children, watch the stories written by the children based on their personal experience & cultural heritage.

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