Education through Art and Culture

The AFCA Arts Center, was founded in 2004 by Egyptian director Mohamed ELGHAWY, to promote education through Art and Culture for children (0-18 years old) in Egypt.

Thus, AFCA offers schools, NGOs and parents many activities designed to encourage creativity and personal development of children, through:

  • An Artistic Education program: children participate in workshops (Theater, Culinary, Visual, Creativity, …), during extracurricular and / or extracurricular activities. Likewise, during school holidays, children can take advantage of these workshops during art clubs. Here is an example of workshop programming:
  • A Cultural program: Hakawy Festival, presentation of films and shows for children. Here is an excerpt from our repertoire of shows:

Finally, AFCA is one of the few Egyptian organizations that encourages the development of language skills (English, French and Arabic) through the various programs.

“Every child is an artist”


You can download our brochure, here:

The prices of our activities vary according to demand so do not hesitate to contact us for a quote.