Hakawy Festival Out of Cairo

at El Minya

Five performances by five professional Egyptian artists and companies will be part of Hakawy Arts Festival for children which will be in AUEED El-Minya – Takween Hotel in Abu Korkas Elbalad, on 21st and 22nd of August 2020.

The selection of this edition varies between different types of performing arts as it includes performances of the traditional puppet theater (Aragoz) in (Look Away, Lulu!) by El-Kousha Puppets Troupe, (Zaki) which combines narration and visual theater by Isra Ghazali, (The Little Witch and the Eggplant) an audio drama and interactive storytelling performance by Haitham Shokry, (The Palace of the Clouds Mountain) the show that integrates storytelling with singing and playing music presented by Rabea Zein, and (Hakawy El-metabakaty) a storytelling performance based on paper folding/ origami art by the Arab Origami Center.

Hakawy Festival out of Cairo is a project funded by The European Union, in cooperation with the European Union National Institutes for Culture (EUNIC).

Here is the selection of this edition:

Of all the other animals from “The Elephant in the Room performance which participated in Hakawy’s 9th edition, Isra Ghazali chose (Zaki), the donkey, to accompany him and explore more about his own world involving her audience within this journey through a series of questions.

This show is for children aged 4 and above.

The Palace of the Clouds Mountain”, with singing and playing music, Rabi` Zein shares with his audience the story of a wondrous palace located above the clouds. This performance is based on the Egyptian author Yacoub El-Sharouni‘s novel, The Dreams of Hassan

This show is for children aged 6 and above.

The Little Witch and the Eggplant”, an audio drama performance presented by the Egyptian artist Haitham Shokry about a little witch who seeks to enter the dangerous world of elder witches and spend the feast holiday with them.

This show is for children aged 4 and above.

Look Away, Lulu!” is back again after its great success in the 10th edition of the international version of Hakawy 2020. In this performance El-Kousha Puppets troupe presents a new adventure for Aragoz with a street dog that leads him to the gallows, but he manages to escape.

This performance is targeting public of all ages.

In a journey full of stories, the Origamist Ossama Helmy (Oz Oz) takes us from the Arab Origami Center with his figures and paper forms to evoke imagination and feeling in a group of separate tales, which are based on the use of origami art in his performance (Tales of the Origamist).

This show is for children aged 4 and above.

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