During 2020

Physical Theater Workshop

This 5 days workshop was led by the Dutch performing artist Simone de Jong, at Jesuit El-Minya as part of Hakawy International Festival’s 10th edition. attended by 8 rising Egyptian artists, the workshop focused on how to simply tell a story in a physical way using your body gestures and other techniques such as mime, and modern dance.

Contemporary Dance Workshop

Coming from the Netherlands, the choreographer Erik Kaiel introduced a workshop of 5 days for 10 local dancers in El-Minya governorate in Egypt. The workshop included a brief presentation about contemporary dance origin and its different styles. It also included practical part where the participants had the opportunity to practice the techniques they’ve been introduced to under the supervision of Erik Kaeil.

Bamboozle masterclass

This masterclass held in Leicester City, United Kingdom, was attended by 2 Egyptian artists that were selected through an open call launched in collaboration with the British Council in Egypt. The masterclass aimed to deliver inspiring, multi sensory experiences for children and young people with learning, emotional and behavioural difficulties.