About Hakawy Festival: Brief History

Hakawy International Arts Festival brings international and local performances designed for children and presents them in a vibrant 10-days- long festival with the aim of educating and entertaining Egyptian children and their families through arts and culture.

Since its inception in 2011, the festival has been keen on bringing world-renowned companies as Le Vélo Theatre from France and Aga Boom from the U.S.A. among many others.

The annual festivity for children has also been growing in size attracting a larger and larger fan base in each edition: with four events serving 800 guests in the first edition, the event grew upgrowing to include 10 events attended by over 2500 guests in the third edition, about 4650 in the fifth edition and about 10000 in the seventh edition.

This year, Hakawy International Arts Festival will run from 3th to 13th March 2018 in Cairo. For more information about the program of the 2018 edition, Click Here

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Our Location

10 Demeshk street, Maadi Sarayat (in front of Maadi Sports Club),



Mailing address

27 Mohamed Korayem Street,
El-Helmeya El-Gedida,
Cairo,  Egypt.

Contact Us

Telephone: +2012246734 35
Email: info@afca-arts.com