About AFCA

AFCA Arts Center is a contemporary arts and culture organization for the youth and the young at heart based in Cairo,  AFCA provides a space for exploration and experimentation for the youth and artists alike for a more culturally and artistically enabled future generations through multiple contemporary arts disciplines such as Theatre and Performing Arts.

AFCA Arts Center was founded in 2004 by the theater director Mohamed El Ghawy with the aim of promoting arts and cultural education for children in Egypt and ever since AFCA has worked on nurturing projects and initiatives that offer a comprehensive arts experience for children across Egypt.

AFCA has three bodies of operations that encompasses different projects such as AFCA Arts School which is the pedagogical arm of operations that focuses on incorporating arts and cultural workshops for children 0-18, and AFCA productions, through which AFCA has worked with multiple local and international artists to produce top-notch productions tailored to the young people. and Finally AFCA Arts Center is the Organizing body of Hakawy International Arts Festival for Children, the only Festival of its kind in Egypt.

Meet the team

Mohamed El-Ghawy



Doaa Sarhan

Co-Founder and Managing Director


Mina Noor

Creative Director


Suha Belal

Arts & Culture Programmer


Omar El-Gammal

Associated Arts Education Coordinator


Isra Ghazali

Associated Artist


Yara Amr

Arts Education Officer