AFCA Productions

Becoming one of the leading cultural centers in Egypt that focuses on children and young people, AFCA has worked with multiple local and international talents to bring your children the best art experience. we proudly present to you the 2022 season showcase of AFCA productions

Gimme Please!

“Sharing is friendship’s main fundamental. Big Gimme and Little Gimme explore the meaning of love, sharing, and friendship and what it takes to be a good friend during Little Gimme’s birthday celebrations and his wishes for a glittery present!”

Les fables de la Fontaine

“Does the turtle stand a chance against the rabbit in a race? Will the mouse accommodate city life? And how can the fox gain the trust of his fellow friends? Jean de la Fontaine legendary tales and animal characters come alive in the form of sand giving us moral life lessons”

Chamber of Secrets

“How to utilize the magic of science to solve the mysteries inside the chamber of secrets? time is not on your side. Don’t be scared but beware!”

Stories from El-Minya

“ A group of young people takes over the stage and share tales of overcoming fear, situations of misunderstanding, and standing their ground and telling the truth no matter the consequences in this anthology storytelling performance” 

Theater experience for children on the autism spectrum

“Children on the autism spectrum need more than special care, they need a safe space where they can unleash themselves and explore their surroundings at their own pace.”