The 2nd edition of Hakawy international Arts festival for children took place from the 21st of March 2012 to the 28th of March 2012 in various venues (Gomhoreya Theater, El Ghad Theater, Cairo Puppet Theater and Stanley Bridge in Alexandria). It was under the auspices of the sector of foreign cultural relation at the Egyptian ministry of culture and supported by UNESCO, the German Embassy and the French institute. To read more in details , about the second edition of our festival, you can consult the FESTIVAL REPORT hakawy 2012 (PDF file)

Performing artists of Hakawy 2012

Le Vélo théâtre - France / "There is a rabbit in the Moon" show


Venue: El Ghad Theater
Date: 22nd and 23rd of March 2012
Time: 10 am and 12 pm

Synopsis: One dark night far far away Thomas Snout was born. Ever since he collects nights, capturing them with his bare hands, which is not an easy task as obscurity is black and dirty and leaves traces. It is also dangerous, as fears live in the night as fish live in the sea. Over the years Thomas Snout has collected 3845 nights, big and little, with or without moonlight, starred or starless ; nights of his own, nights of others, as well as a few that have been lent to him…

Directed by Francesca Bettini with Charlot Lemoine and Tania Castaing


Daspapiertheater - Germany / Priceless Art installation


Venue: Stanley Bridge (Alexandria) 
Date : 24th of March 2012
Time: 2 PM to 7 PM
In cooperation with Agora Arts and Culture
This German art installation touring around the world was scheduled to be on the 23rd of March in the afternoon during the street carnival of Hakawy at El Korba; but due to unforeseeable events, the carnival had to be cancelled. In order to avoid missing on an unforgettable moment, the Hakawy organization committee decided to present the “priceless art installation” the following day, in cooperation with Agora Arts and Culture in Alexandria. A 30 M table with dishes and cutlery was set on Stanley Bridge. The table itself and all things on it were wrapped in paper. Being a symbol for community, it tried to find an answer to the question: what is priceless to you? The audience, whether they came on purpose or just passed by, were invited to write their personal answers onto the dishes. Thus an exhibition about priceless values was brought into public space M. Johannes Volkmann took pictures of all dishes and selected some answers for a postcard edition.



Artistic house of theater - Egypt/"El Leila el Kebira" puppet Musical




Venues: Gomhouria theater and Cairo puppet theater    
Dates: 21st and 28th of March 2012      
Time: 8PM and 6PM


Synopsis: El-Leila El-Kebira (The Big Night) is a famous puppet operetta from the late 50s.The piece centers on the last night of a moulid (an old Egyptian popular tradition celebrating the birthday of the Prophet Mohammed), depicting different scenes from this street carnival and featuring the characters that have been, and that to a certain extent still are , the actors of the celebrations: from food stall vendors to jugglers, musicians and other performers. It was an extremely playful, funny, colorful and entertaining way of exploring tradition.  

Sitara Theatre Company (Britsh-Egyptian) / "Little Red Riding Hood"



Venue: Cairo puppet theater
Date: 24th of March 2012 
ime: 10 AM and 12 PM

Synopsis: This classic folktale was given the Sitara spin, with wacky wolves, talking trees and an all-singing, all-dancing grandmother. Emma Davies and the Sitara team led the audience on a magical journey through the forest all the way to happily ever after. Packed full of puppets and masks, by acclaimed design artist John Barber, this show delighted children and adults alike.


Abeer Soliman (Egypt) / "Heidi" storytelling play


Venue: Cairo Puppet theater
Date: 25th of March 2012
Time: 10 AM and 12 PM

Based on the book written by Swiss author Peter Stamm and translated in Arabic by Kalil al Cheikh. The performance took the audience on a journey to discover the adventures of Heidi, a little girl who tries to get back to her home in the mountains where her grandfather awaits.

Wel Ya Wel puppet company (Egypt) / "Goha and Fattoura" puppet play


Venue: Cairo puppet theater
Date: 26th of March 2012
Time: 10 AM and 12 PM

Synopsis: The play is about lazy Zaazoaa, son of the governor. His father orders all the wise men and scientists to solve this problem, but in vain. But Goha has a solution: to take Zaazoaa to his home where he met with Gamila – Goha's daughter. She was making a doll out of their breakfast an named her Fatora (breakfast). The first day Zaazoaa refused to share their breakfast but things have changed the second day. He wanted to help Gamila preparing Fatora and to eat with her. On the third day Zaazoaa started making breakfast for the whole family. He even participated in playing sports and showed to be very active. It was having breakfast behind all the change. The governor overwhelmed with Zaazoaa's change gave his order: Goha , Gamila and Bahbah will be responsible for providing breakfast to all children at schools or at home.

Kayan Marionettes puppet company (Egypt)/ Imaginations (Khayalat) black light theater show



Venue: Cairo Puppet theater
Date: 27th of March 2012
Time: 10 AM and 12 PM


Synopsis: Placed under the label of « Black theater », this show is the product of the workshops organized by the Kayan puppet company in Alexandria. A series of scenes and stories brought out of the fertile imagination of the members of this company.
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