Opportunities for Artists

Open Call for Arts facilitators for AFCA Arts School

Join the call for Part-time, internship, and volunteering opportunities!

Arts practitioners in the fields of theater, visual arts, and storytelling are eligible to apply as well as university students and fresh graduates.

this is an open call all year long.
To Apply and more info: https://forms.gle/XnJDNK5hHeMfKvz68

the cycle of putting a well-produced performance/production, all starts with the artists and practitioners, and because there is a scarcity of systematic development for artists that work with children directly. AFCA works on building the capacity of the artists and nurturing their talents, through workshops, training, opportunities, and open calls.

AFCA launched its Arts Management training in 2017 through which multiple practitioners have gained knowledge in events management and production skills. especially within cultural organizations. multiple participants went on to participate in the production team of Hakawy International Arts Festival for Children.