Chamber of Secrets

Age: 8 years old +

Duration: 45 mins.

Language: Arabic

Genre: Science, Magic

“How to utilize the magic of science to solve the mysteries inside the chamber of secrets? time is not on your side. Don’t be scared but beware!”

More about the performance

Science has always given us answers about most things around us in the world, but will it give us the answers to get out of a labyrinth, that’s what we will find out in chamber of secrets, children will get to explore multiple scientific phenomena and experiments to find the key to get out of the labyrinth. General trivia and knowledge of our solar system will definitely come in handy when trying to solve the mysteries inside!

Because STEM* is the future! And what better way to get the little ones’ curiosity started from an early age! With support from the British council in Egypt, AFCA in collaboration with Marina Girgis from Kidzstein developed an interactive science performance where children get hands-on experience with science and theories in a fun and adventurous way. The performance was a sold-out strike at the 11th edition of Hakawy International Arts Festival for Children where it premiered! 

*STEM: Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics

Starring: Marina Girgis 

Directed by: Mostafa Mohamed

Supported by: The British Council in Egypt 

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