Fisherman & the swan

Duration: 45 mins.

Language: non-verbal

Genre: Interactive & object theater

When a  fisherman arrives to a new world, hoping for new beginnings and new opportunities, he struggles to fit in with those around him, desperate for acceptance and belonging, he finds solace in the sea and the swan he meets along the way. 

More about the production:

The performance was created in collaboration with Bamboozle theatre company in the UK, building on years of collaboration with them. We are excited to introduce to you and your little ones an inclusive, sensory-friendly productions that allow children on the autism spectrum to explore a new artistic experience at their own pace in a safe environment.

The production premiered in March 2023 at Goethe – Dokki for 2 weeks running, hosting children on the spectrum, facilitators, practitioners and family members to learn more about our approach, the project and to open up spaces for discussion and conversation on having more accessible arts for the young in Egypt and the region, we encourage you to open up such conversations in your circles and beyond. 

This production was developed in collaboration with Bamboozle theatre,  UK and was made possible with the generous support of the International Collaboration Grant supported by The British Council International.

Special thanks to our partners who have supported this long collaboration and the fruition of it, Christopher Davies, Artistic Director at Bamboozle Theatre, Cathy Costain, Head of the Arts at The British Council in Egypt and our partners at Goethe Institute in Cairo who hosted the showings of the production. 

Important to know:

This performance is for children and youth on the autism spectrum only with a very limited capacity.

Fisherman & the Swan

Created by: Mohamed El Ghawy & Christopher Davies


Rafaat El- Bayoumi

Israa El Ghazali

Mina Noor

Marianne Rafaat