Gimme Please!

Age : 3 years old + 

Duration: 45 mins.

Language: non-verbal

Genre: Interactive & object theater

“Sharing is friendship’s main fundamental. Big Gimme and Little Gimme explore the meaning of love, sharing, and friendship and what it takes to be a good friend during Little Gimme’s birthday celebrations and his wishes for a glittery present!”

More about the production:

Through the use of music, light, and set design, the performance draws the audience to go on a journey with the characters from first meeting to forming an everlasting friendship bond through sharing. The performance is an interactive performance where kids get to participate in and interact with the gimmes through the mission of finding the glittery shoes!

In partnership with Paper Boats, Alliance Theatre, and the University of Austin, Texas, AFCA proudly presents the first interactive non-verbal performance for the early years in Egypt, supported by the US Embassy in Cairo. After the Covid-19 Pandemic took over and traveling came to a standstill. AFCA decided to turn the situation around and help support the local artists’ community and started developing an Egyptian remount of the acclaimed American performance “Gimme Please!” to be performed by Egyptian artists. Production started with the developing sessions taking place online between the Egyptian and American sides. 

The performance premiered to a wide audience at the 11th edition of Hakawy International Arts Festival for children, touring two governorates with all performances sold out!

Important to know:

This performance requires stage-to-stage seating so the kids can interact properly with the performers.  

Gimme Please! 

Created by: Megan Alrutz & Samantha Provenzano 

Egyptian remount directed by: Mohamed El-Ghawy & Samantha Provenzano 

Starring: Israa El Ghazali & Mina Noor. 

Supported by: The US Embassy in Cairo 

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