Hakawy International Arts Festival for children 12th edition highlights

That’s it folks! Another edition of Hakawy has come and gone! We saw faces old and new, got to communally experience performances, laughter, talks, arts, panels and more together. This edition was all about exploring the surroundings and experimenting with the elements within to know a little bit more about the spaces we share together and reflecting on the places that encapsulates our childhoods. As well as getting a sense of our environment and the rapid changes that will affect younger generations in the future, to engage them and integrate them in the dialogue surrounding climate action. All of that was mirrored in our rich performing arts program that held 3 International performances along with 7 Egyptian performances, All of which was in good company of our side program of 10 workshops along with masterclasses, panels & talks.We went on a journey as we explored single motherhood in the arms of scotland breathtaking landscape to the waltzing of regeneration and growth inside an Igloo to the philosophical questions that runs in circles around us, we weaved layers of myth and history of historical Cairo’s Al-Khalifa, took a trip through the waves of air and hoped on the back of a donkey as he takes his trip back home. Witnessed Jean de La Fontaine characters come alive in the form of sand & went on an auditory journey through the beats & percussions of Dar for Arts & Culture!Big thank you to everyone young & old who joined us for this edition and a bigger thank you to all the artists, companies who went on this journey with us & shared their talents & arts with our audiences.This edition wouldn’t have been possible without the effort and time of our hardworking team and all the volunteers who rolled up their sleeves and went to work with us hand in hand!Every year, it’s proven to us that such work is only possible through the constant support and collaboration of our supporters and partners and thats what pushed this edition forward. 
Thank you & see you in October 2023!