Science & Arts Workshop in El-Minya with the support of the British Council in Egypt

AFCA Arts School returns to El-Minya for a second time, but this time around it is mixing up both science and arts! with the support of the British Council in Egypt and in collaboration with Jesuits & Brothers’ Association for Development in El-Minya, AFCA carried on a 7-day workshop in which kids get to learn about different scientific phenomena and concepts whilst incorporating their newly gained knowledge with storytelling.

joining as facilitators during the workshop are FameLab Alumni Eman Saleh, and Marina Girgis, the latter has starred in AFCA’s latest production “Chamber of Secrets”. the workshop aims to introduce children to the vast world of science but in a new and different light with the help of arts specifically that of storytelling. by the end of the workshop the children will present a performance that mixes between both.