On Air

For Children aged 8 – 18 Years

Duration: 45 mins

Language: Non Verbal

Moving trees, flying leaves, waving flags, feathers floating through it… What else can air do? On Air takes us on a journey where the material takes center stage and we are introduced to the wonders of Air and its dynamics as everyday objects dance to the waltz of Air.

More about the production

In a commentary on the plastic saturated environment we live in nowadays , Isra Ghazali explores aerodynamics by creating a vortex that moves the plastics within along with the audience in a journey that is open to interpretation by everyone. it might be an adventure underwater, or it could be a story by the clouds. as the plastic takes center stage, it creates moving characters and rhythm that moves us all along to the waves of the air.

Performance space and number of fans are adjustable based on availability.

Production Team

Performance : Isra Ghazali 

MusiC : Fadila Ghazali 

Idea, Direction & Stage: Isra Ghazali

Supported by: The British Council in Egypt

Please refer to the production file for more info & for technical inquiries

Contact us on info@afca-arts.com