School Bookings- Hakawy 13th edition, 2024

School Bookings for Hakawy 13th Edition is now open!

If you are an educator/facilitator and want to get an early preview of our main programme this year, please send us on or on

you can also sign up for our newsletter to get the latest updates of the festival and our year round projects at Schools and NGOs

You can now start early bookings for scheduled trips at you educational entities by filling the following form.

after filling the form you will be contacted by one of the festival’s team to confirm the booking and payment process.

please note that the official dates for the festival are as follows:

– 31st of January in Portsaid

-1st – 9th of February in Cairo

– 8th & 9th of February in Ismailia

if Venues and dates/ times to be updated or changed, the festival team will be in contact accordingly to ensure the smoothest and most culturaly enriching experience for your students.

Please take note of the assigned Language / age guide of each perfromances to be suitable for your students at the main programme early schools preview.

stay tuned to our side educational program of Workshops, Masterclasses, Talks that give a more educational and interactive dimension to the festival.

please note that this booking form is only for scheduled school trips and not open to public bookings. public tickets will be available online shortly.

Our team works closely with schools and community groups so that all children have the opportunity to experience the wonders of Hakawy, for more information reach out to us on

+20 122 467 3435 or on

School Bookings for Hakawy International Arts Festival 12th Edition 2022

School Bookings for Hakawy International Arts Festival 12th Edition 2022

Name - الأسم
Name - الأسم
Shows Selection - اختيار العروض
please select the shows you wish to book for your group after viewing the festival programme - برجاء اختيار العروض التى تودون حجزها مسبقًا بعد الاطلاع على برنامج العروض