Stories from El-Minya

Age : 6  years old + 

Duration: 45 mins.

Language: Arabic 

Genre: Storytelling 

“ A group of young people takes over the stage and share tales of overcoming fear, situations of misunderstanding, and standing their ground and telling the truth no matter the consequences in this anthology storytelling performance” 

Our ancestors have long used myths and tales to explain the human experience and better teach younger generations vital life lessons and in this instance, the children take over the narrative of myths they have heard around them and weave it together with personal stories to give this emotionally and moving tales of overcoming one’s fear and the hilarious outcomes of a situation of misunderstanding and many more.

This performance was a result of a week-long storytelling workshop part of AFCA Arts School out of Cairo in El -Minya that took place across 5 different villages. During the workshop children learned about the fundamentals of storytelling as well as taking the courage of telling them out loud, the stories were collected and edited in this performance by the children and for the children.


Mohamed Hamada, Tadros Ibrahim,Youana Hisham 

Jana Ashraf, Jessica Wadie, Ramy Hany 

Mariam Mohamed 

Directed by: Mostafa Mohamed 

Supported by: 

The European Union in Egypt 

The European Union National Institutes of Culture in Egypt. 

Special thanks to

Association of Upper-Egypt for Education and Development