Theater Experience for children on the autism spectrum

Age : 3 years old + 

Duration: 45 mins.

Language: non-verbal

Genre: Interactive & object theater

“Children on the autism spectrum need more than special care, they need a safe space where they can unleash themselves and explore their surroundings at their own pace.”

More about the experience:

Autism is a spectrum that means people can be wired differently and how we interact with our surroundings differs from one person to another, no one mind thinks the same. And because one of the most important aspects of an arts experience is inclusivity, AFCA in partnership with Bamboozle theatre company in the UK and the support of the British Council in Egypt, produced the first theater experience for children on the autism spectrum in Egypt, designed specifically to for children on the autistic spectrum and there, they can have a safe open space free of judgment where they can discover their surroundings that respect sensory sensitivities and neurodiverse audiences 

What started out as a seminar given by the artistic director of Bamboozle Theatre Company Mr. Christopher Davies in 2019 at Hakawy International Arts Festival for children and the artistic director of AFCA Mr. Mohamed el Ghawy attended masterclasses with Bamboozle with the aim of having a similar experience in Egypt, came a full circle with the help of the British Council in Egypt, AFCA launched an online training and workshop with Mr. Davies through which 6 participants were chosen to complete the training, the practical session of the training took place at the Children’s unit at Abbasiya Mental Health Hospital, Cairo, Egypt. The first public experience of its kind of Egypt. The “Theater Experience for Children on the Autism Spectrum” was part of the 11th edition of Hakawy International Arts Festival for Children in 2021.

Important to know:

The experience capacity is limited to 6 kids per experience to ensure quiet surrounding space and for the safety of participants, every child gets to have a shadow facilitator for the duration of the experience. and no photography or any type of recording inside the experience for the privacy and safety of the participating children


Asmaa Mohammed, Amany Gazalla, Israa El-Ghazali

Marianne Refaat, Rania Rafik, Mostafa Mohamed

Supported by: The British Council in Egypt 

Check our newly released FAQ document on Making theater for children on the autism spectrum