Shadow theater and Audio commentary

For Children aged 6-9 Years

Duration: 45 mins

Language: Arabic

Zaki is smart and hardworking, he can get all the work done and then some more but he only knows one way home.

Zaki is a playful exploration of the world of donkeys. A loyal, dedicated, hard working animal friend. Zaki is the beginning of a series of explorations of the worlds of our animal friends, through shadow theater. It’s a combination of visual art and storytelling where we explore a story by exploring different mediums of expression.

more about the production

Zaki is the beginning of a series of explorations of the worlds of our animal friends developed from The “Elephant in the room” in 2019. The series started back then to dissect the prejudices and negative human adjective – stereotypes often associated with certain animals such as the fox is often seen as a sly animal or the bat as a venomous, evil creature or the donkey as a stubborn stupid animal. such characterizations are often named by societal prejudices without scientific facts to back it up.

In the explorative series, Isra Ghazali delves deeper into those characterization and tries to shift the narrative into a more positive one. Using a mix of audio recordings and visual arts. Through shadow theatre and playful exploration of light and shadow Isra tells the story of “Zaki” a smart, hardworking donkey as he takes a trip back home through the nooks and crannies of the city.

Production Team

Performer: Isra Ghazali

Music: Bishoy George

Idea, Direction & Stage: Isra Ghazali

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